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How much money do I take with me?

Apart from the balance of your holiday(!), you only need to worry about your pocket money. We go to producers and markets, so you might get tempted by a few local delicacies. No purchase is expected from you, we will not take you to tourist traps where you feel you have to buy something, it is all up to you.

Meet some of the people we'll visit

Of the many producers we visit on the seasonal french cooking course, Tucked away among the rolling hills of the Lot-et-Garonne, Gilbert has been crafting his wines for many years. As an organic wine producer he grows a selection of grapes including a very special variety unique to the area. His knowledge and experience in wine is what makes visiting Gilbert very special. On our visit, he'll walk us through his grape vines explaining how he uses the natural environment to benefit the vines themselves and the blending methods used to achieve great tasting wine. You'll soon discover his wines have lots of character and flavour as we have a wine tasting over a picnic together.
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